T5 Fluorescent Lighting

T8 to T5 adapter with reflector and T5<br />

The fluorescent lights you are used to seeing are the T8 specification, compared to T8 the T5 tubes are thinner in diameter and slightly shorter in length.

Although physically smaller, T5 fluorescent light tubes actually output a higher lighting (LUX) level!

typically use 40% less electricity than standard T8 tubes, while outputting 10-15% higher !

Unfortunately T5 tubes are not directly compatible with standard T8 fittings for a number of reasons making retrofits prohibitively costly. eg. cost of new fitting $50, cost of electrician $100, cost of tube $15.

Introducing the T5 Lighting adapter kit! Our T8 to T5 conversion kit simply snaps into place inside the existing T8 fitting, enabling it to now take the much more energy efficient T5 tubes.

The benefits of the kit are;

  • no need to purchase new expensive T5 light fittings
  • no need for an electrician to do the change over
  • light levels increased - often you can replace tripple T8's with double T5's!